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Lying and Abusiveness

I try so hard to be brutally honest with everyone as much as I know that they can handle it. Even if I don't think they can, I still tell them the truth. Let's face it. Lying will not only... Continue Reading →

Sometime soon….

My boyfriend has been working on a piece dedicated to the minds alike with ADHD. From my understanding, it's from his point of view on how he has lived. I cannot wait to read it myself and he is allowing... Continue Reading →


BIG THANK YOU to the 30 people following me!!! I've been trying to follow as many as I can, but when I get wifi on my phone, it blows up!! I'm trying to get the email on here changed so... Continue Reading →

What My Reactions to Photos/Gifs Would Be

photo: my reaction: sam winchester gif: my reaction: photo: my reaction: gif: my reaction: photo: my reaction: photo: my reaction: photo: my reaction:

This is Gospel – Editing and Publishing

Now that my boyfriend has read the whole book and loved it, he's wanting to help me edit it before I get it published. Once that is done, I will make an announcement. Not sure if I'm still going to... Continue Reading →

Kate and Leopold

                 I had just finished watching Kate and Leopold with my boyfriend, when a flood of questions came into our minds, questions that will make us think for the rest of our lives.... Continue Reading →

Accept Me

Growing up I was always under the impression that I needed a man to cure my depression when in all actuality I just needed my friends and family to accept me for who I am, no matter how many mistakes... Continue Reading →

I know I’m crazy….

cause I'm not sticking to one thing and flip flopping with different blogs.... but this one I'm going to try my hardest to not shut down right away.... Niki's Writer's Block is where I'm going to have all my writing... Continue Reading →

Supernatural’s Baby and My Doctor

The Doctor just came out of nowhere............. Supernatural's Baby's twin, Ella...... car #4 I wanted to drive off with her sooooo badly... it was so surreal to sit in the car that Jared and Jensen had touched and been in.... Continue Reading →

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