Sam or Dean Winchester?!

Sam Winchester: The younger brother who still has faith in humanity, never doubted that there is a God, believes in Angels, wants to do what’s right to the point of sacrificing himself over and over again and did I mention that he married fake Ruby?! Dean Winchester: The older brother who is so headstrong, he... Continue Reading →


A Shift in Blogs… Once Again

This is just a fore warning that things are going to be shifting, once again. Not saying exactly what, but later on today it should be happening. I need a fucking vacation. Away from my state. Preferably in Ireland & Scotland.


I feel like crying. I feel like breaking my laptop. I feel like deleting everything I've ever written. Burning the printed pages. How am I to stay confident when no one seems to care? I write, get mental blocks, but find different things to write about until I can get back to the story... and... Continue Reading →

Reading Everyone’s Blogs

38 followers. Possibly 1,000s of posts. I CAN DO THIS!!   I haven't settled down on a time frame of starting this, but soon enough, I'll be visiting everyone's pages and reading what has been expressed. So keep an eye out for my comments!!

Dirty Blog

I'm pretty sure that no ones going to care, but here's the link to my dirty fanfic blog site. Theres a little bit of writing because I just started this blog. It's definitely going to end up being NSFW, so you've been warned! Drunken After Thoughts

Another new blog

3 new blogs. Not sure how I'm going to handle this, but it's something to do until I can get this new job going and make money. Drunken After Thoughts, is a silly blog about fanfics, so if you love fanfics & over the age of 18, feel free to follow it. There's some writings... Continue Reading →

New Blog!

Adonai's Paradigm is an interactive blog I am attempting to do. It's all about apocalyptic thoughts, movies and tv shows. I'm hoping that this one works out.

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