Dirty Blog

I'm pretty sure that no ones going to care, but here's the link to my dirty fanfic blog site. Theres a little bit of writing because I just started this blog. It's definitely going to end up being NSFW, so you've been warned! Drunken After Thoughts

Another new blog

3 new blogs. Not sure how I'm going to handle this, but it's something to do until I can get this new job going and make money. Drunken After Thoughts, is a silly blog about fanfics, so if you love fanfics & over the age of 18, feel free to follow it. There's some writings... Continue Reading →

New Blog!

Adonai's Paradigm is an interactive blog I am attempting to do. It's all about apocalyptic thoughts, movies and tv shows. I'm hoping that this one works out.

We weren’t meant to live like this.

We weren't meant to live like this. Like no one else matters. Like health care never matters. Like spiritual health never matters. We are supposed to be tradesmen, not greedy pricks. I'll give you cotton if I can have some cherries....... Can you help me change the tire on my car.... and I will help... Continue Reading →


Yesterday I could not access my wordpress. Not sure why, but it is fixed now and I am happy!! There has been a lot on my mind, so I will be trying to figure out ways to write it down. So be prepared for new blog pieces.

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