There are

There are Black people in my family There are Mexicans in my family There are gays in my family There are Mormons in my family There are Jehovah's Witnesses in my family There are gun toting individuals in my family There are anti-gun individuals in my family There are black sheep in my family There... Continue Reading →


Mental Illness ~ I HEAR YOU!

We're the sons of peasants. Glory, and riches, and stars are beyond our grasps. But a full stomach, that dream can come true. ~ Wat, A Knight's Tale   I never asked to be this way. This is what I tell people constantly. It does, however run in my family. I don't understand how it... Continue Reading →

Bipolar Girl

Girls who plays with knives are to be feared of. She'll most likely be friendly with fire. And born on the cusp of Astrological signs. She looks normal on the outside, with a bit of sass and degradation. But deep down inside, she is what haunts your dreams. You know that she should not be... Continue Reading →


Okay, my brain would not shut up last night and kept giving me a shit load of things to think about, including random dreams of being on NCIS and Supernatural and on top of that, my boyfriend was farting all night and it was nasty. So just a bit ago, my kitten went tearing through... Continue Reading →

Stay Standing…..

What I don't get is.... the person that makes you feel awful about yourself... refuses to see that they are the ones slowly destroying you. But chin up... because YOU WILL become a better person... just hang in there and don't forget that karma will have your back. EVIL IS.... SOMEONE PRETENDING TO BE WITH... Continue Reading →

HEY Fantasy Readers/Writers!

Writers: Do you put together a playlist to listen to while writing? Readers: When you read something, does a certain song pop into your head?! Both of these things happen to me and I was just curious. I ALWAYS put together a playlist to listen to while I write. It helps my creative flow! Writers:... Continue Reading →

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