I’m an open and honest, (brutally honest at times) person. I’ve been writing since I was twelve and I love to help people get through life. I’m not perfect with my advice, but sometimes a good story helps people along. Everything is random and sometimes doesn’t make sense, but that’s who I am and I wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t random.


I’m a Gemini and a Cancer, second born daughter but middle child. I am creative and attracted to the weirdos. So while you’re drooling over Captain America, I’m in the back drooling over Quicksilver.

Hoping you all enjoy what I write and please feel free to leave a comment! Constructive criticism is welcomed!!


For the love of everything that’s Holy to a writer…

Don’t steal what you see written on this page. I work hard to put all my emotions into what I write. Put yourself into my shoes. Would you want your writings, drawings etc, to be stolen?


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