Last Week

I went to a job specialist for people who have mental issues. No, I’m not super crazy, but I do have some problems. Who doesn’t now days?!


He told me that owning my own business would be a difficult task, but since it was just the very first meet up, he wanted to be sure that I had a job for now, so I can pay my bills.

Some of my friends want me to open my bakery, but the biggest problem is worrying about allergies not only for my workers, but for my customers.

A lot of my other friends love the idea of me opening my own music/apparel shop and told me that they would buy stuff for me. The only one we have where I live, the owners are assholes and I’ve been told by countless others that they are. We had another place, but she moved out and went back to her starting city. I want to be the type that wont have problems with being called mean and also not deal with the people that have done me wrong.

Wishful thinking, maybe?

I was told that records are still being bought and used and I have seen a lot of people several years younger than me post pictures of themselves playing a record. Awesome to see. Getting my hands on the old school records are not hard at all, especially since I know the right people to go to.

Because of my wide variety of music likes, having my stepdad growing up in the 60’s & 70’s I know so much. My sister and her friends were the ones that got me into R&B, silly Pop music and a few of my friends got me into country. So Rock wouldn’t be the only thing that will be available, but will most likely be the soul of the store. Possibly make a day all country and a day of all pop music? It’s just more wishful thinking, but it would make my place unique.

A big sigh coming from me cause this is something that I’ve wanted for a very long time but never knew how to go about it. I’m hoping this job specialist along with my secondary job specialist can help me figure this all out.

Until then……… I’m stuck looking for a job.


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