What if……..?

What if the Mad Max world is the ending result to our world after the machines have taken over, wiped most of us out and then the Resistance defeats the machines?!



I might have an over reactive imagination, but think about it. If Google, Disney and Siri are all the main companies that are running the world, plus the Queen, the rich people like Rockerfeller, etc, who says that they aren’t the ones who decide to end us?

Why Google? Because it is now the largest search engine. They wont allow you to get back into emails if you accidentally lock yourself out, therefor they know a whole hella lot more of each individual. They steal your photos and put it in their images and tell people who you are. And think about what “the Cloud” is.

Also, Google has Youtube and well…..every single person on there is a sellout. They’re Google’s bitches and although I adore Jacksepticeye, sometimes they do things that are a bit cautionary.

Disney….. oh NO! Why Disney? Think about it. They have been taking over every single awesome movie. Marvel, Star Wars, they created Pirates of the Caribbean, they own Miramax and as well as ESPN. They have 2 amusement parks in America. One in California and one in Florida. Easy access points to have machines start off and come northwards and into central America.

Siri….. ask this bitch if the CIA is watching us and she will shut down.

I thought this was a joke that someone was playing during a video until I teased my friends boyfriend about it since he’s a paranoid person but when he actually asked his phone….it shut down. Not once, not twice, but at least five times. No joke.

Alexa…. I’m sure she is Siri’s psycho sister and we all saw what happened in Resident Evil with the Red Queen.

Here’s an article that is constantly posted in a writing group on facebook: Computer Writing a Book without the Help of a Man

No one will listen to those who say that the climate is changing, that we’re warming up. Don’t believe me? Have a vacation in Oregon….all year round. Our springs are coming sooner…our summers…are making it hard for people to walk out of their homes. Winters are getting bad, no one can make it to work without hitting something.

There is hail in places that are not supposed to get it. Last year, here in Oregon, we had a tornado. We’re a flood and earthquake zone. Let that sink in.

So definitely would end up in a horrible climate change whether the machines take over or not.

Some might think this is all just made up nonsense, think that I’m just a silly girl with a wild imagination, that I’ve watched WAY too many movies, but you never know.

Besides, why else do you think certain movies and books get banned?!


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