What the flip is up with Manners?!

Elderly people are furious with the younger generation for “not using our manners,” yet I am finding more and more people in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s being assholes and not using their manners. I, for one, have been taught to use my manners and I rarely don’t use it. Even when I’m beyond pissed off, I still some how use my manners.

I’m starting to consider being outright blunt about people not using their manners, no matter the age. For crap sake, I had a boot on my leg because I sprained my ankle really bad, and this older man and his teenage daughter’s pushed past me, stepping over the palate of fire wood instead of going around. I was not happy. I also get sick and tired of older women not saying excuse me when they need to grab something and I’m in their way or if I’m blocking the aisle and not knowing that someone was behind me, they push past instead of saying excuse me.

I’m 31 and I say excuse me, sorry or excuse us, if someone is with me, especially if the person that is with me doesn’t say it.


Just because you think that “all” youngsters are rude, doesn’t mean that you’re correct!!!

I’m that type of person that says “You’re Welcome” really loud when someone doesn’t say thank you and like I said, I’m about to yell, “EXCUSE YOU!” when people are rude to me, wherever I go.

So anyone, old or young, feel the same way that I do, then please join me in yelling at people for not saying their manners.

Here are some simple ways to say it without cuss words:

“Rude much?”

“Excuse you.”

“Hey, how about you say excuse me and maybe I’ll move.”

“How about you don’t and say excuse me?” or “How about you don’t?”

“Hey, didn’t you see that I am injured? Excuse you!”

“Excuse your face!”

“Excuse your body” (any other body part!)

“Excuse you, you can just go around.” or “Excuse you, you can move around me (us).”

and if they snap back, then say “Hey, I was taught to use my manners and so I will.” Then turn and walk away!!

If at all none of this works, just scream bloody murder and then walk away.


make some kind of animal noises, like a cow or monkey.

Cause seriously, people not using their manners is ridiculous. And you’re showing the little ones that it’s okay to be rude.

If you so happen to get a video of it on your phone, please let me know so I can laugh about it and I will try to get something myself. No promises though. Haha.



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