Who I met at Comic Con 2017

Friday, we just walked around and checked out the booths and then went back to the hotel. Saturday, I wore my TARDIS dress and got pictures with John Barrowman who was funny and very kind. His panel was very dirty, but I loved every minute of it.


I then went to go see Ryan Hurst and Theo Rossi who played in Sons of Anarchy and got a group photo along with their autographs.



I only made it through 5 of the 10 hours because the dress was killing me. But at least I made it further than last year.

Sunday I immediately went to Alan Tudyk’s line, but I didn’t get selfies and he was funny and kind. I told him that my mom would probably kill me if she found out that I met him and he told me to tell her that he’ll give her a ‘fonging’ lol. I also told him that I was obsessed with A Knight’s Tale when I was a teenager because he was super funny in it and he looked pleased.

It’s called a lance….hellooo.


And then I went back through Theo’s line and got the selfies that I missed out on the day before and I am so glad that I did, cause he’s sexy and Juice is my favorite Sons of Anarchy character. I do love Opie, Jax and Chibs, but Juice had always been my favorite from the get-go.


I wish I could have talked to him more than a few minutes, like I had with Milo last year, but I understand that he’s a busy man and had a lot of fans. Maybe one day in the future, I’ll be able to talk to him.

It’s now a toss up between Milo and Theo……….. 😉 hehe

I also met Tasya Teles and got an autograph for my bestie since Tasya worked on the 100. I don’t have the picture but Geri was happy and Tasya is really sweet and very beautiful. I hope to see more of her works soon.


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