Questioning the Darkness

    Nowadays people are hypnotized by the allure of people playing dark characters, whether the celebrities are doing it for a paycheck or they are doing it for fun to get a rise out of their fans. What is with all the fascination? I have never seen so many people intrigued by the broken parts of people until I got involved with Supernatural back in 2013. I’m not sure if it is because I have always avoided things that are dark or it has been a huge fad within the last few years. I have noticed a spike in all things Tumblr once Dean Winchester had become a demon and then saved by his brother and Castiel once again.


                It feels like it has leaked over into the YouTube universe, causing wonderful entertainers like Markiplier and Jacksepticeye to dabble in the darkness. As a viewer who finds beauty in all darkness and evil in light, who has bipolar tendencies and a manic depressed person, I find it quite disturbing on so many levels but find myself wanting to see more of it. The light side of me, the side that wants to be with God so badly, shakes its head and screams at me for allowing this to come into my life, while the dark side of me craves it so much that it haunts me in my dreams and wishes to be a part of the fun on scaring people.


                While Jacksepticeye’s Halloween video, Say Goodbye, in 2016 became the second highlight of the year for me, I find myself weighing out the differences between his Anti-septiceye and Mark’s Darkiplier. (Read the Difference Between Darkiplier and Antisepticeye to understand more.) Jack’s Anti is everything that you anticipate in a psychological, horror movie, leaving you to want more of the story line as you press replay over and over and over again, until you either go to sleep or have something else you need to attend to. On the other hand, Mark’s Darkiplier in the horror side of the dating video he released this last Valentine’s Day is superb in brainwashing, trickery and over all confuses you on wanting to kill yourself or leave yourself as a victim in a padded cell, having hallucinations of him. To me, this reminds me of how my ex fiancé acted towards me while he was on meth, while drinking 211’s. On a lighter note, I know who I want as my partner if the Purge ever came about.*


I’ve also noticed that it’s seeping into the Christianity world as well. Such bands like Flyleaf/Lacey Sturm, Breaking Benjamin and a few others. Is this a dangerous path they are on or are they trying to help us break free of it?!



                I would like to know if it’s worth the paychecks.

                Is it worth your health to play these characters?

                Do you have nightmares from playing these characters?

                Other characters out there that make me question their abilities to part the reality from the alternate universes, are the following:

                Jared Padalecki, playing Sam Winchester being possessed by Lucifer not too long after drinking demon blood and thinking that it’ll help him defeat the demons, followed by dating a demon – who is now his wife in real life. Not only that, but he deals with Lucifer messing with him in his mind, is soulless for almost a whole season and jumps into hell to prevent Lucifer from taking over his body. His acting is phenomenal and I cannot forget when Gadreel took over Sam’s body, but does this make you have doubts about yourself in real life? How are you separating your home life from your work life and is this part of your depression you’ve been experiencing?

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                With Jensen Ackles, he has played good and bad while being dressed as Dean Winchester and it has been known that he attends a non-denominational church. I could go on and on with this one, but it is practically the same as Jared’s, only I would like to know, how does this affect you spiritually?


                I could go on and on and on with lists of people playing certain characters, but I know that you readers get the gist of it. I don’t deny that some of the performances are entertaining, but I will admit that sometimes I am afraid for these people, even though I do not know them personally. We all have watched what had happened to Heath Ledger, so in some ways that is what makes me afraid for them.

                For these four that I have mention and with a few others from Supernatural and Gotham, as well as for movies, etc., these are the best performances I have ever seen, that sometimes they have played it so well, they have convinced me that it was actually happening to them.

                If you’re itching for a short scare, watch these videos….

                but if you’re wanting scares that last a bit longer, watch Cameron Monaghan in Gotham, Jensen and Jared in Supernatural, Heath Ledger in Batman: the Dark Knight and get a reality check from Milo Ventimiglia in the Divide.

                Don’t forget the popcorn and remember, God gave us free wills for a reason.




*jacksepticeye is who I would have on my Purge team, whether we are going out or staying in and defending ourselves.


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