Chronicles of Avalie

Rating: 18+, NSFW

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, ScFi, Drama

Note: Apologizes for the way it looks. I tried three times to fix it and it wouldn’t correct itself. This is a chapter from the book series and I chose it because I believe it’s one of the best representations of the characters. There is no definite plot right now because I’m only on the first draft and it is still incomplete. Technically there is more than one plot, so it is hard to pin point an exact over all plot. Hoping that people will still enjoy it. Feel free to give constructive criticism. I approve all comments, so everything will be filtered. This will also be posted under the Writings section.


Keran’s mother’s house was cold, depressing and full of antiques. It had been years since the last time Avalie had set foot inside and she was amazed over the details and furniture still being the same. “Boy, your mother never liked change, did she? I swear that clock has been in the same spot since you guys moved here.” She kept staring at the clock as she walked into the living room stopping behind the couch.
“I think she moved it once.” Keran walked past the piano, between the end of the couch and chair and made his way to the fireplace. He ran his fingers along the bottom side, smirking to himself when he found the wooden buttons and pushed on them. He pulled on the trimming, revealing a long drawer, filled with antique jewelry, old love letters between his parents, a wad of cash and other nic-nacks. “Well the cash wont be of use, but I’m sure I’ll find what I’ve been wanting.” He pulled out a small, black velvet, ring box and opened it. He found himself smiling when he realized what was in it.
“Hey, remember, we’re on a time crunch.”
“Yeah.” He closed the box and pocketed it into his trench coat, then placed the drawer back. He then turned and headed back towards her, running his hand along the smooth, cool to the touch, piano cover. Remembering when he was little, banging on the keys as his mother tried to play a song for him. She ever became upset, always patient and encouraging him to do better. Now, if he played, he would be a bit rusty.
Keran went into the kitchen with Avalie, grabbed the hemp necklace off of the cabinet and pocketed it as well then made his way out the back door, Avalie not to far behind. “I figured we can go through the garage door. I don’t think her stuff is in the house anymore.” Avalie paused to see if he was listening. “Some of the things dad gave her, she put them into a box. She claimed it was because of me needing more space for my things, but I think it was making her depressed since they weren’t together most of my life.”
“Sounds like something she’d do.” They crossed the street and headed down Mulberry Avenue; then they cut across the park and down into the gully. This was how they always went to her house and both were amused that neither one of them forgot about it.
When they got up to the top of the hill, a car zoomed past making them both jump back. Neither one of them wanted to be spotted by anyone they knew. It wouldn’t make sense to anyone on why they were gone for so long; if no one had filed missing person reports.
Hurrying across the street, they managed to get across the small field and pop the gate lock apart. Keran walked through first, leaving the gate open so they would be able to escape quicker. He then strolled up to the back door of the garage, pulled out some tools and popped the lock. “Sucks not being able to use powers on Earth.” He glanced up just as she leaned against the house to watch him. Some clicking and scraping against metal was heard, followed by a popping noise. He stashed his tools into a pocket, then turned the handle and pushed it open. He went in first, turning on the lap by the door then stood by it as she walked through.
“Ugh, so many things. I never understood why she kept two cars.” She headed towards the left side of the garage, where the work bench was, sighing when she saw four big boxes sitting there and two smaller ones sitting on top. “Damn, too many boxes.” She grabbed the first one, small and rectangular and opened it.
“What are you looking for anyways?”
“A pocket sized book full of elixirs and spells. Hera asked me to get it. Not sure why or how she knew my mom had it, but she needs it. I’m also looking for my moms ring she wore a lot when we first moved here.”
“Would you like some help?”
“No, it’s only four boxes. I’m sure I’ll find them soon enough.” Her fingers smacked into a sharp edge. “Owe. Dang it.” She grabbed the box and opened it. “Ah, mom’s ring.” She pulled it out and slipped it onto her middle finger on her left hand. “One down, one to go.” She folded the flaps in and then placed the box onto the other bench on the other side of the freezer. She then grabbed the next small box, rummaged through it but didn’t find the book. After putting that one to the side, she grabbed one of the bigger boxes and pulled the lid apart, getting excited when she saw some of the things that her father got her mother. “Holy cow, I remember these.”
“What are they?”
“Dishes from India. Actual dishes from India. Not the shit you find in Wal Mart or thrift stores.” She paused. “Yeah, I don’t think it’s in this one.” She pushed it back against the wall and got into the next one. On the very top, under old yellow, legal pads was a burgundy leather journal, with leather straps on it. She quickly opened it, gasping when she saw her fathers handwriting and a date at the top right hand corner. “1983. Shit, that’s three years before I was born.” She tied it back up and placed it onto the top of the car so she could take it back with them. The deeper she went into the box, the more blank legal pads she found. Once she reached the bottom, she found the book that Hera was wanting. “Bingo!” She grabbed it and pulled it out, pushed the box back against the wall. She skimmed through it, then realized she needed to know the time. “Ker, how much time do we have?”
“Fifty minutes.” Keran fell silent when he heard footsteps coming up to the back door and slid behind the door. Whoever it was he was going to surprise. He was half hoping it was someone they knew but the other half, the stronger feeling, knew that it wasn’t someone good.
“Let me quickly look through the other two boxes and then we can go.” She placed the book on top of her father’s journal, then grabbed the bigger boxes and pulled them down onto the floor. While she rummaged through them, she begun to get upset with all the baby pictures she found of her and her father as well as some of him and her mother before she was born. Joseph was in them and it made her even sadder to see his face. She then found the old necklace that he bought her when she was a little girl and decided to put it on. “Ker, do you think she put all the Angel statues up as well?” She stood up and looked up at the top shelves, slowly reading every black word on them. Some in her mother’s handwriting, some in her fathers.
Keran watched a man slink into the garage, making his way to Avalie. He was so silent with his walking, Avalie wouldn’t even know what hit her until it was too late. His anger was boiling, feeling his nerves tingle and without warning, he broke away from the door, held out his hands and felt his powers surge through him. In one swoop he hand a skill saw blade in his hands, wrapped around the persons throat and just as she turned around to talk to him, he slit the mans throat.
“Keran!” She was mortified at what he just did, watching the body slump to the ground. At first she thought that he killed an innocent man, but once she got a look at the marking on the man’s neck, she knew that he wasn’t pure. “I…uh..we..we should go.” She looked at his hands when he dropped the blade. Blood was pouring from his hands and all she could think about was wrapping them up with clean shop towels as fast as she could, then grabbed the books and ran out the back door with him, not caring that they left the door wide open and a dead man inside.
Avalie slid through the kitchen of Keran’s home, jumping over the sack of moldy potatoes and came to a halt in the hallway near the bedrooms. She looked over her shoulder seeing him slow down and looking sluggish with all the blood loss. She tucked the books under her left arm, grabbed his coat and pulled him through the portal, landing on their bottoms right as the portal closed.
Callum stood over them, fists clinched, fighting back his rage. Jezelle ran over to them when she saw that Keran was bleeding and yelled for Rowan to help. Rowan hurried over to them and picked up Keran, carrying him to an empty bedroom. Callum’s jaw was clinched as well and all Avalie could do was hold up his journal.
Hera walked out of the library into the hallway, pleased to see Avalie. “Did you find the book?” Avalie held out the book, letting it get snatched from her hand. Callum finally helped his daughter to her feet, took the journal from her and demanded an explanation.
“Please, don’t start. Keran saved me from almost getting killed. On top of finding your journal, I found old pictures of Joseph.” She walked over to her mother who was now standing in the door way of the study. Avalie pulled the ring off her finger, handed it to her mother, then walked away. She found Keran sound asleep, towels off his hands and bandages wrapped around them as well as his fingers.
Rowan glanced up at her. “He’s going to be fine. He’s going to need some rest.”
“Thank you. How’s Chloe?”
“Resting as well. Gushaun didn’t get her as bad as we thought.”
“And how’s he doing?”
“With Emma, probably sleeping. Other than that, he wouldn’t say much.”
“I’ll talk to him in the morning. Try to get some rest yourself.”
“You too, princess.”
Avalie moved away from the door and headed down towards the kitchen, veering to the left when she saw the door to the cellar open. Making her way down the old, wooden stairs, she breathed in a familiar scent and hoped it was who she thought it was.
There he was, sitting on a crate, her dark knight, looking exhausted for once. He took a gulp of wine before nodding at her. “Heard you went on an adventure with prince charming.”
“Yeah, well the trip fell short on exciting.” She moved over to the wooden, square pole and leaned against it, facing him. “We had an intruder and Keran prevented the man from trying to end my life.”
“Wow, that sounds more than exciting. So where’s the wizard now?”
“Sleeping. His battle wounds were a little to much.” She changed the subject. “How did your third eye thing work out?”
“A little creative, a whole lot of spook but I couldn’t quite understand it all. I got bits and pieces of it, but it’s like a thousand piece puzzle. Keeps pissing you off, no matter how much you think you put the pieces together. There’s always something new or something off.” He took another gulp, then held it out for her to take. She shook her head and scrunched up her face. “Not a wine gal?” He put the bottle between his legs, then grabbed the bottle of Jägermeister. “How about the green stuff?”
“Hell no. Save that for the victory against Odette.” She shuffled over to him while he put the bottle onto the crate next to him. She grabbed the bottle from between his legs and took a gulp, then lowered her voice for only him to hear. “Am I stupid to be afraid of him?”
He lowered his voice as well. “Who, Keran?” She nodded. “What has he done?”
“He’s changing so much, so fast. He killed that man before I even knew that he was there. No warning. It scares me to think that he could flip in an instant.” She took a few more gulps. “He could do that to me. What makes me think he wouldn’t try to kill me?”
Daegan pulled the bottle from her hand, placed it onto the crate next to him, then placed his hands onto her hips, looking up at her. “He loves you too much. He has some form of control. I’m sure if it becomes to much for him, someone will step in and pull him away. And you know me. I wont let him hurt you.”
“Yes, but now it will be hard to walk around without looking over my shoulder. I’m a bit afraid of being alone with him.”
“Hey, hey. Shh.” He became comforting. “Don’t think that way. I mean, come on now. I’m way worse than he is and I haven’t hurt you, have I?” She shook her head no. “See, now don’t worry your pretty head off. Otherwise, who else am I suppose to pine over? I really don’t want to settle for Jaycee or Chloe.” He teased, while bringing her hands to his lips. He pressed them against her fingers and when he looked back up into her eyes, she bent down and kissed him sweetly.
Daegan dragged the kiss into a longer, passionate one, pulling her onto his lap and wrapped an arm around her, while the other one went to the back of her neck. His fingers twisted into her hair, pulling her head back while moving to her neck. He pressed his lips firmly, parting them when he tasted sweat. He gently sucked on her, sending chills through her body and when he pulled away, Avalie pulled off her jacket, letting it drop to the ground.
His fingers pulled at the straps of her tank, lips traveling down her shoulder. He slid his hand over her breast, massaging gently, teasing her ball of nerves as he went back to sucking on her neck, this time on the other side. Her breathing was labored, one hand on his shoulder while the other tangled in his hair. Daegan pulled away, picked her up, turned and laid her down onto the crate in a few moves. He pulled her butt to the edge, arching her legs, then slid between them and leaned on his arms. Avalie lifted her head and took his lips with hers, quietly moaning as he rolled his hips into her.
When he finally broke free of the kiss, he begged her to allow him to strip her and make love to her, but she denied him of pleasure and kept the kissing flowing. He grew harder with every moan that slipped from her lips, gripping the edges of the crate so tight, he thought he would break his fingers off. “Ava. Please.” He begged again, but she refused and continued on the teasing. Once she started to roll her hips into his, his right hand grabbed a hold of her thigh and squeezed really hard, hoping that it would get her to stop. “Ava. We have to stop.” He tried to move, but she clinched her knees against his hips and locked lips with him.
“It’s been almost two years since the last time I slept with someone.” He groaned at the thought of her being tight. “And as much as I want to with you, you know that I can’t.”
“Why?” His voice was shaky. “Because of Keran?”
She shook her head yes and then quickly with a no. “My father…my vows before I become Queen.” She tried to catch her breath. “Believe me, I do want you inside of me, but I have to focus on becoming Queen first.”
He heaved a heavy sigh. “Alright. We should probably keep a part for a while. I need to get back to the spirits and try one more time.”
“But my coronation is in a few days.”
“I’ll be back before then. I promise you.” He kissed her chastely, then stood up and helped her sit up. She took a few moments to over come the dizziness, then stood up and fixed her clothes. He grabbed her jacket and helped her pull it on, then kissed her one last time before letting her go back upstairs.
Daegan grabbed the bottle of wine and headed towards the back of the cellar to take care of himself while being out of the line of sight. It was going to be a long night for him as well as a long three days.


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