Top Singers

These are the top male singers that can keep me from having an anxiety attack….

#9 – Matt Sanders of Avenged Sevenfold

Although the screaming isn’t what keeps me calm, it’s the slower ballads that reminds me that I am going to be alright.

the best songs: Dear God, Size the Day and So Far Away


#8 Vic Fuentes of Pierce the Veil

Not many people would consider this band good for anxiety, but a lot of people take care of their anxiety in different ways.

the best songs: Bulls in the Bronx, Bulletproof Love and Tangled in the Great Escape


# 7 Steve Perry of Journey

Yes, I know that he’s no longer a part of the band, but his voice is really good. One of the bands that I grew up with since I was a baby.

the best songs: Only the Young, Open Arms, Ask the Lonely and Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)


#6 Sir Paul McCartney

Another person that I grew up listening to since I was a baby. More so when he was a part of the Beatles. So it’s no surprise when listening to his music, (solo or a part of the band), that his voice can calm me.

the best songs: Let It Be, Yesterday, Say Say Say and Beautiful Night


#5 Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues

Yet another one that I grew up on since I was a baby. His voice is so calming, he could put you into a trance.

the best songs: Om, Never Comes the Day, Forever Autumn, the Other Side of Life and I Know You’re Out There Somewhere


#4 Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance

I’ve been listening to MCR since the Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge album came out and I haven’t stopped liking them since. Even though MCR has been disbanded, I still listen to their albums. Gerard has a way of telling everyone that it is perfectly okay to be a freak.

the best songs: I’m Not Okay (I Promise), Disenchanted, Ghost of You and Famous Last Words


#3 Jensen Ackles

Normally an actor – lots of people would say he’s perfect. His voice is outstanding and nothing of what I had imagined. I hope his children will have his gifts.

the best songs: Simple Man and Sister Christian


#2 Kellin Quinn of Sleeping with Sirens

Oregon native, so it’s hard to dislike him. His quite voice can trick you into thinking that its impossible for it to be powerful. Saw him in concert 2015 and hoping to see him and his band again.

the best songs: Roger Rabbit, Alone, the Strays and If I’m James Dean, You’re Audrey Hepburn


#1 Jeremy Renner

Although it’s just a short amount of singing I have heard on youtube, (mostly playing around), his very short clip of him singing on Jimmy Fallon, of the song New York State of Mind, blows me away every, single, time I listen to it. I’m still hoping and waiting to find out if he is going to make and release an album. Let’s hope his daughter will have the same gifts as him.

the best songs: New York State of Mind, the Hawkeye song



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