Strangely Attractive Men

Cameron Monaghan – Redheads, Gingers, Firecrotches, whatever you want to call them, Cameron is the sexiest redhead I have ever seen. Give him a baseball bat and a leather jacket and you’ll have people swooning. As Joker or as Ian Gallagher, Cam plays crazy perfectly.


Mark Fishbach and Sean McLoughlin aka Markiplier and Jacksepticeye – two of the top leading men on youtube, Mark and Jack are surprisingly cute on top of their loud, foul mouthed, playful attitudes. They are adorable together and dangerous for ovaries. Don’t understand why? Mark is part German, part Korean, born in Hawaii and has abs that can break open a can. Jack has the Irish attitude (some say he has lost his accent – but I can still hear it) the green hair and isn’t afraid of calling himself a potato eating Leprechaun. Still don’t understand why, then hop onto youtube and find out yourself.


Anthony Misiano

I would like to assume that he’s Italian, but I would make an ass of myself if I were wrong, so we will go with what I do know. From watching his facebook page, Comic Bento Box videos and the Batman Chronicles on youtube, I know that he is a lovely singer, he’s funny and damn attractive. He pulls off the best cosplay of Joker ever and like I have told him in the comments on his page, he seems to be a very good husband/boyfriend. I don’t know how he (or anyone else whose done the Joker) has been able to turn it off so they don’t scare their loved ones, but it would be nice to know what made him chose this character in particular to play and what it takes to keep himself in check. To me, he is the most convincing Joker out there and I would love to meet him before he decides to retire from his character.


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