I’ve watched a lot of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Apocalyptic movies to notice a few things that are and are not favorable with women and some things that are awesome.


In the Walking Dead, the strongest two women they have shown, Carol and Maggie have both lost their families, have changed for the better and still are kicking ass. The biggest flaw shows two pregnancies, yet they fail to show what happens when the girls are on their periods. If you can show someones eye popping out, people getting eaten by the Walkers AND by the living as well as showing Lizzy trying to murder a baby, than you can certainly show the girls on their periods.

Pitch Black, however, shows what happens when the little girl pretended to be a boy and Riddick notices that she’s on her period. I’m sure all you women wouldn’t want those creatures coming after you either, but nothing can prevent the monthly cycle!!


In the Divide, they show two women and a little girl. The little girl is kidnapped by some people and after becoming trapped in the fall out shelter, the mother of the little girl becomes the sex slave of two of the men who slowly turned evil. It is one of the most fucked up movies to watch, but if you think about it, it probably is the best portrayal of what would happen if an apocalypse happens.


In Mad Max: Fury Road, there are women who are on all spectrum’s. The younger girls are forced to become mother’s for the nasty Immortan Joe; some are the weaklings that get spat on and starved to death and then there’s Furiosa and the Vulvalini’s. They are the badasses, whom want nothing more than peace and to plant their seeds. I was super thankful to see Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron battle it out. It proves that no matter what, she was willing to fight for those girls and her own life.



No matter who writes these stories, the women will always have the hardest part in a dystopian world. It plays true to reality now days and women need to learn to take care of themselves. Writers, however, need to stop writing women as helpless creatures. I give props to the writer of Mad Max: Fury Road for having strong women as well as submissive ones. We may not be the easiest to get along with, but we aren’t afraid as much as you’d like to assume. Sometimes the craziest girls are the ones you’d want on your team.


I am also thankful for Joss Whedon to make River Tam and Zoe Washburne strong women as well. He also made sure that Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow was a bad ass as well. It makes women like me feel like it is great to be a strong person. It’s okay to have weaknesses, but being strong in a land full of men is more important.


I want to see women keep on fighting and being yourselves, whether you like the apocalyptic universes or not. Keep proving that we’re strong and if you have the chance at writing your own novels, do not hesitate on making at least one women stronger than the men.

Go here for Tom Hardy’s response about the women having the spotlight in Mad Max: Fury Road

***In my fantasy series, there are several women who are stronger than the men and some who aren’t. I believe that it’s a perfect balance. I did the same with the men, because not all men are strong either. I am hoping to have this series completed before this winter and hoping to have it edited and published before summer of 2018!!***