Christmas Valentine’s Day

Only three days after Christmas, my local post office had a card stand up for Valentine’s Day. I was completely shocked and annoyed by this. Why must we jump straight into Valentine’s Day when we haven’t even had New Years?! This was the biggest topic last year as well.

Corporations like Target, Walmart, Fred Meyer’s etc, like to shove things down our throats without caring that we need a breather from the Christmas show down and remind a lot of us that we’re single, ugly freaks.

No wonder why there are so many suicides in the winter months.

Thanksgiving gets over looked and mixed in with Halloween crap and St. Patty’s Day is no longer the coolest, playing the pinching game if you don’t wear green and drinking green beer if you’re an adult.

Costume’s cost you an arm and a leg and presents are costing you your life with your family if you don’t get them exactly what they want. It’s complete bullshit and old fashioned traditions are getting out of hand. No wonder why the Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t even participate with the holidays.

There’s no such thing in keeping Christ in Christmas, if all you care about is making your spoiled little brats happier than a hot tea kettle. Instead of buying your shitty family members things that they’ll eventually get rid of or used up, you can simply buy a blanket, or food for those who are in need. But then again, this is America and people are simply greedy. (and violent.)

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Valentine’s Day may be pretty with the colors, but the constant reminders that you are alone and feeling worthless doesn’t help the situation that you are in. (By the way, I don’t think anyone is worthless.) It reminds the poor that they have to scrounge up every last penny to get something for someone and if you don’t, then you are the next loser for the holiday.

There’s no way we can beat the system and there’s no point in joining them. You can simply buy a gift for the person you love at a random time of the year, when you can afford it and when it matters the most. But if you cannot afford one, or simply do not want to waste your money on junk, MAKE SOMETHING BY HAND!!

If the person you love reads books, make a protector cover or a bookmark for them. Help contribute to a collection that they have. Offer to read their writings if they love to write. Help them do their laundry or dishes – if you aren’t already. The simplest things can go a long ways and are a hundred times more appreciated by the person receiving the gift.

I hope that this helps out people. I may not be the greatest expert on things, but I do have a lot of experiences to share as well as thoughts and ideas.

Be safe in your travels for New Years, be safe in all that you do.


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