Bring in the New Year

Since January I have been wanting this year to be over. It’s almost done…in 10 days.


I’ve been trying so hard to be more conservative of my blog posts for the sake of family members, but this one I am going all out. 2016 can go fuck itself!! It’s like Lucifer has already escaped from his cage and decided that it was time to rape us all. He can go back to hell for all I care.

So with 2017 right around the corner, I am feeling more optimistic than I have ever before. There’s a lot of things that I am wanting to do and am super exicted to have the support that I do from the friends that want to do it with me.

Comic Con in Portland Oregon with my friend Geri…..

Cupcake Corner with Erik…….

and a food blog collaboration with Maira!!!

There are no definite times with Erik and Maira, but for the Comic Con that will be in February. I am aiming to meet Marie Avgeropoulos from the 100 and hoping that her co-stars Richard Harmon and Bob Morley will attend.

Until then, let’s hope that the last 10 days of this fucked up year goes by quickly!!!



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