Strep and Sneeze

Saturday night I came down with Strep. Because I had it several times in the past, as a child, but less as an adult, I knew the symptoms, so I tried to beat it to the punch. I drank a lot of Lemon-Ginger tea, water, Gatorade; Salt and Baking soda gargle, Apple Cider and Vinegar Gargle, but nothing helped. Plus, I was an idiot and wouldn’t stop eating sugary foods.

So when Sunday came around, I was dead as a door nail. I sneeze three times in a row and became clogged up so when Monday morning hit, I gave in and went into the doctors to get antibiotics. I HATE antibiotics. Especially when I already had to take them for a really bad infection I had months previously.

That Monday night…. 102 fever crept up onto me. From 4 pm until 9 pm, I was plagued by it and I couldn’t shake it. I popped a Tylenol on top of Amoxicillin and 2 Nyquil gel caps and was out like a light until one in the morning. From one in the morning until about five in the morning, I couldn’t get back to sleep. My throat was burning so bad, cough drops weren’t helping at all. My nose was so stuffed up, when I tried to breathe in pepper, in hopes it would get me to sneeze, I had no luck. I thought about snorting it, but then I really didn’t want to have issues. I managed to get more sleep after getting up and down for those four hours, peeing a lot and trying to clear my nose.

Today, I forced myself to buy a humidifier from Walgreens. It was on sale for about $12. I also bought throat spray, nose saline solution and a can of Chicken Noodle soup. I am glad I bought those things, because as of now – 11:04 pm – I am SO much better than I was.

About fifteen minutes ago, I finally sneezed and it was loud and it hurt, but damn worth it.

So the moral of the story is, no matter how bad of a fever you have, DO NOT procrastinate to get the things you need to help you through this. If you can’t, get someone who will. You will feel SO much better and your body and mind will thank you for it!!


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