Pedestrians Crossing

Walking home from work, between the Police Department and Firehouse, there was an elderly couple walking in the rain, trying to cross the highway and there was a car trying to turn and I could tell the driver was impatient. I walked slower while being behind them, so they could get across safely. I mean, slow as an Opossum trying to cross the street in the daylight. I don’t understand why people have to be so impatient towards children, pregnant women, disabled and elderly people. Pisses me off. A few minutes of waiting isn’t going to harm you or your vehicle. It isn’t going to make you late to anything and if you’re patient with these people then Karma will gift you with something good.

People who depend on their cars more than walking, I’ve noticed, are the assholes of the roads. You are the ones that need to learn consideration, patience and how to manage time more wisely. Use common sense and stop trying to force people to run across the highway. Just because you cannot see a physical deformity, doesn’t mean they don’t have a disability and the ones that can be seen, should be treated with more respect – on walking and in other activities.

I, as a pedestrian myself, understand that there are idiots who walk out into the middle of the street, drunk or sober and yes, it would be their fault if they got hit – but you as a driver should be well aware of your surroundings, instead of playing on your phone; screwing around with the music or looking into your rear view mirror to scream at your kids for misbehaving. Learn when to pull over. Also, passing the pipe isn’t a good thing either, while driving – I don’t care what time of the day it is. PULL OVER!! Cause having a bird fly into your radiator is the lesser of two evils.


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