Etiquette on Bus Riding

1: ALWAYS have the proper amount of money (or bus ticket) ready in hand.

2: If there’s five people or less on the bus, let the bus driver know where you want to get off – especially if it is not a normal stop.

3: ALWAYS thank your bus driver!!! They don’t have to let you onto their bus.

4: Exit out of the back door if there is one, so the flow of boarding people won’t slow down or people become injured.

5: Don’t be a rude person and move when an elderly person, pregnant woman, small children or a disabled person is needing a seat. If you are perfectly capable of standing, don’t take up a needed chair. And if there’s no other seats, but the one your bag is sitting in, put it in your lap. I’m sure it isn’t that heavy and if it is, then figure out a way to keep it next to you, but not blocking a seat.

6: Don’t block the doorways. Not with your body. Not with your bags. Not with your bicycles. Nothing.

7: ALWAYS, ALWAYS, wait for the bus driver to board the bus to hand them the money or ticket. They could be on a break or helping out someone who is needing to use the handicapped door. If something should happen to you, it is not their fault.

8: People with bicycles, PLEASE hold onto your bikes securely. There have been countless times that I have gone onto every Max train in Portland and bikes almost fly into me. I know this doesn’t count for buses, but I thought that I should post it here for those who take both Max and buses.


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