The Little Sister Becomes the Bigger Sister

Growing up as the youngest of two girls, I always looked up to my sister, no matter how violent we got with each other. We were all that we had – yes we did have friends, but of course we saw each other more, especially when our brother was born – cause we had to share the same room.

Tonight, my sister called me. I was happy, thinking she was going to tell me baby news.

Sniffles were on the other end, so I thought she had a miscarriage, but it wasn’t that.

Her husband has cancer.

The diagnosis will be confirmed tomorrow.

And whatever the outcome, I will now have to play the older sister roll to her. I’m going to have to be strong for her. Be there in a way that I have never experienced before.

I am filled with emotions that I thought weren’t possible.

But the good part is, she is not angry with God. She has made peace of it.

I hope and pray for things to get better.

Who knows, he could beat this and come out stronger than before.


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