Vikings, Pirates and Prime Minister’s oh my!!

My mother has been doing a lot of ancestry research and has found out that there is a possibility of being related to Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill who was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1940 to 1945 and again from 1951 to 1955.


Not only that, but there may be some Pirate, and definitely Viking and a tiny bit of Cherokee. That would make sense on why, since I was a little girl, I’ve had an affinity to Pirates. From the Pirate Movie to Cutthroat Island and cannot forget Pirates of the Caribbean movies; I have never strayed away from the Pirate theme. I even once had a Pirate flag, but sadly it was destroyed.



To be Viking, the bloodline consists of Scandinavian ancestry. Scandinavia is a make up of Sweden, Iceland, Finland, Norway and Denmark. Their beliefs in multi Gods and Demi Gods would give off the reasoning of why I am fascinated with the belief that there has to be more than just one creator to this universe, this world we live in. Thor and Loki have become the sole joke to Thunderstorms; they can never get along, can they?


To add to the mess of things, being Scottish, Welsh, Irish and English brings a whole world of hurt; with the disturbing humor and love for Monty Python as well as other British Comedies. It comes with a great price to be a decedent of British kin, because I’m always going to be called a Mic and get told that I am racist, but might as well as sit back and enjoy the off brand of Irishmen known as the Boondock Saints.


and the violence and love of gore that comes from deep within me, the stuff that I have learned to cope with and bury deep inside of me because I fear the worse and really don’t want to go to prison, would be coming from the German in me……let’s face it…it’s who I am and there’s nothing I can do about it.


Even a little bit of Cherokee makes me wonder if there’s a possibility of magic in me. But there’s not really a way to exactly know. The woman was only 1/2 Cherokee and she married my grandfather back in the Civil War era. Sometimes I wonder if there are Gypsies in our family as well, but there’s no definitive proof of that. But it would explain my other fascination with Magic, especially when it comes to Wanda Maximoff and Doctor Steven Strange.


I don’t have a connection to my father’s side as much as I would like; what I do know is that we are Scottish and Spanish. Spanish and French are the two that are defined as the language of love, so it would makes sense on why I love so hard, fall so fast and stay loyal all the time.


This make up of who I am is intriguing, inspiring and explains so many of the different traits that I have; of why I think the way that I do and of the beliefs that I have. But this isn’t written to be an excuse of the way I have acted in the past; that comes from hard lessons and making my own decisions with the Freedom of Will that God has given me. It has, however, opened my eyes even more than they have been and it gives more definition to the fact that we are all alike through our blood not the color of our skin.


Maybe one day it’ll all make sense; the love, the craziness of the obsessions that I have… maybe just maybe one of my past lives was that of a Pirate. How cool would that have been? Maybe in my next life, if there is such a choice for me, I can be an Angel?!



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