Songs of Peace

Too many people are focused on all the hate that’s been going on since our election here in the U.S. instead of trying to help each other out. I wish people would just allow the government to destroy itself and not help it destroy us. But until then, here is a list of some of the best songs about peace, protesting and getting along no matter what color you are or what region you are from:

the Beatles ~ Revolution, here is Jim Sturgess’ version of Revolution from the movie Across the Universe, music starts at 2:06

John Lennon ~ Give Peace a Chance

John Lennon ~ Imagine

John Lennon ~ Instant Karma

Depeche Mode ~ People Are People

En Vogue ~ Free Your Mind

Tears For Fears ~ Everybody Wants to Rule the World here’s the version from Lorde ~ Everybody Wants to Rule the World but you cannot have this song without their other song, Tears For Fears ~ Shout

David Bowie and Queen ~ Under Pressure

Simon and Garfunkel ~ the Sound of Silence, and if you don’t like that version, here’s Disturbed’s the Sound of Silence their version is soft, unlike most of their other songs.

Michael Jackson ~ Black or White

the Byrds ~ Turn Turn Turn



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