My Writings

There’s been time’s that I have mentioned my writings and one point attempted to post them on this blog, but decided against it in the end. Now it can be found on my blog Guardians of Elyria and will be updated periodically, especially once I can figure out why it’s not allowing me to do certain things. Right now, the writings consist of things that are out of my element. Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Lucid Dreaming. It’ll still have some romance and of course drama and will be attempting to have some form of thriller.

In the Chronicles of Avalie, you’ll find Fantasy, Romance, Drama and Action. Witches, Giants, Angels and Demons as well as otherworldly creatures (true to the Bible and some I have made myself), pop up every so often. Avalie dances with a Demon heir, rips the throat out of a hierarchy and discovers her bloodline is twisted with unexpected things. The downside is that this book series is undergoing some major editing and wont be available for quite some time.

So that leaves a new story based on true events that has happened in my life. Lucid dreaming leaking into reality. In the Mystery of Maelyn Bethany, a man arrives at a insane asylum, seeking out a young traumatized woman, who quickly sums him up as a non-believer, practically daring him to step towards the dark side with her to find out the answer he has been seeking for the last five years. Her brother and friends are completely against her walking the thin line again, but Maelyn is sure that she is protected by a few select Angels who guard her soul and battle the demons that she’s unable to see.

Another story that I am anticipating on writing is the Paradigm Shift. Nothing is for certain though on what I am going to be writing about. There’s been ideas tossing about over a Time Traveler and his female companion, or the other way around, but it sits to closely to the Doctor Who writings, so this one is still up in the air.


Guardians of Elyria is still under construction, so please be patient with me. It takes a lot of time to get a site perfected and sometimes still have problems no matter how much you work on it. Much like myself.

Hope you stick around and read what I have to offer and feel free to give back constructive criticism. Also, I know that grammar and spelling is going to be a problem, but I want you to know that it’s not what concerns me as much as who enjoys what I write, if there are plot holes and if the writing flows together.

Thank you for taking your time out to read this.

Have a wonderful day/night.



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