How I Feel About Using EBT

I decided to do another blog about EBT aka Food Stamps because of how I was stared at while at Walgreens getting food and a few candy bars. I didn’t elaborate on how I felt about being on EBT on the last post, so this time, I will.

When I was a little girl, we lived on it and it was common for people to use it in my town, back in the late 80’s and through the 90s. We didn’t have to once mom married my stepdad, but I do remember going to Food 4 Less and feeling the tension from customers all around us because we were on food stamps, which didn’t make sense to me as a 5 year old. But it was what I was raised on, so once I became an adult myself, I refused to be on food stamps when I was starving and needed to eat. I wasn’t taught how to use my money well and I also refused to be taught, so I didn’t do so well. At that time, I was still 100 lbs and was losing weight because I wasn’t eating a whole lot and I felt like that if I told anyone, I would get into fights with people and I wasn’t that type of person that liked being told what to do with my life.

Fast forward a few years and I still did not like being on food stamps once I got them. It was embarrassing to me, even though it wasn’t the paper money anymore, but a card that resembled a bank card.


The boyfriend that I had at the time finally sat me down and talked to me about why I felt horrible for having to be on welfare and that I shouldn’t. I didn’t make that much so I should get the help where I need it. I told him that talking to me about it didn’t make me feel any better and that I felt like he was looking down on me. He swore he wasn’t trying to and that I needed to think of it this way; his taxes is what I’m using to feed myself. And because I was working and trying to not die of starvation, I shouldn’t be so hard on myself.

No matter what he said, or anyone else said to me, I still couldn’t get the feelings to go away. That carried with me through out the next few years of my life and I came into contact with many people who used it for the right reasons and people who used it and abused it. I don’t mean, use it for an exchange of drugs or alcohol, but use it and buy nothing but frozen foods and junk food. Now, if that was for themselves, I wouldn’t complain at all, but these were mothers who were buying it for their children and it made me astonished and felt horrible that those children were being pumped full of chemical filled foods, instead of veggies and everything else that is healthy. I hated hearing the words, “Oh, I cannot get my children to eat peas, or chicken.” etc. To me, that’s a load of bullshit. I hated peas when I was a child, but I had to sit there until they were gone from my plate. I loved potatoes so that was last to be eaten.

If you feed your children the right stuff from the get-go, your children wouldn’t have to eat frozen, GMO filled crap and I could argue about this all day but I will save it for a later date because I know of a lot of people that would try to fight me on it.

In 2013-2015, I used the EBT less and less, until I finally got off of it for about a year, maybe a year and a half. I struggled to figure out ways to get food without having to use my rent and bill money and things got easier once I figured out that I could have the left overs at work once all of the residents had their food. But once I left that job, back onto the food stamps I went. And I still hate it.

But I rather eat, then starve to death.

On a good note, I have forced myself to stop eating a shit ton of bread, eat 10x more veggies, (mostly in home made soup with lentils and chicken or beef broth) and have lost a total of 10 pounds since 2015. If you look at my last blog, you’ll see how I managed to get healthy foods on food stamps, with the least amount of money. But remember, I live alone, no kids, no boyfriend to cook for, so it is a whole lot easier to do that.

Until I get a better paying job, or maybe marry some rich guy, I will be stuck on food stamps for a very long time. And I will NEVER be okay with it.

Soon, I will be posting a blog on how I made one of the home made soups, with a lot of pictures and hope that it will help people in the future. I may one day, go shopping and show you guys what I do pick up, what the prices are and what the total is. Sort of like what I did in the last blog.

For now, I have egg rolls calling out to me and a Snickers bar, because frankly, Snickers is the best thing for a pms-ing woman to eat right now.



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