Abortion, yeay or nay?!

Abortion is the worst subject to talk about. It’s also a sensitive one. People quickly jump to conclusions instead of keeping an open mind about everything. I grew up in a family that is against abortions and I was that type of person to quickly judge, making a girl in my freshman history class run out of the room crying.

Now I am older and I have talked to a lot of women and men about their opinions on abortion and I can see now why that girl cried as she tried to explain to me that she was a foster kid.

This is what I posted to my mother’s friend about abortion and foster children, I purposely left out the fact that gay people can become parents because I did not want to hear an argument from my mother:

Do you guys realize that so many kids get dumped into foster care and are abused or never find homes, or they end up dying?

Did you know that the younger the child is, the more money it costs to adopt them?

That someone whose struggling to have children suffer cause they cannot afford to adopt a child, but watch horrible women have children and treat those kids like crap?

I’m not for abortion, unless it came to incest or rape, or there were complications that could kill both mother and baby, but I also try to tell people what happens when you don’t abort a baby.

All in all, no one should be having unprotected sex unless they are willing to care for a baby.

Yes, a lot of men are stupid enough to say that they can’t feel anything with a condom on, but girls are just as stupid for allowing them to do so.

There’s not a whole lot of education with this for kids and parents need to stop depending on the schools to educate them. They should be educated from the get go on the consequences, good or bad with having unprotected sex.

Cause it’s not all about protecting yourself from STDS/HIV/AIDS.

And to add onto this, I am speaking from experience. 12 years to be exact. There are some men out there who will manipulate you claiming to want to have children with you, but only to have unprotected sex with you.

And there are females out there who will trick you into having unprotected sex so they can have a baby with you and ruin your life, because either they believe it will fix your relationship or because they are feeling lonely and want someone to depend on them.

There’s no real way to define the person you are with, only to take it one day at a time and look for red flags and get out while you still can.

I pray that whoever reads this, doesn’t end up like or with those types of people and that you chose to wait until you are married. But I cannot make you do something you don’t want to do. Just hope that you take heed to my words and help break the vicious cycles that the world has today. Educate yourselves. I know that I wish that I had been educated better than I was and I also wish so many other things for myself, but it’s better to move on and help educate others.


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