The Only Boys I Want Protecting Me

I’ve been hurt to many times to count; abused mentally, which is the WORSE form of abuse in my opinion, emotionally, which is the second worse and physically…which I believe is the lesser of it all, because you can heal from it within a short amount of time, depending on the severity of the physical damage. Because of this, I like to hide away in my brain most of the time. My little heaven, where I am protected and loved all of the time. This is also why I live alone and it is better this way until I can learn to trust again. In my time of being alone, I have grown to love the boys in Shameless, Supernatural and of course, the Boondock Saints. So when people posts those memes on Facebook, about who would come save you if you were in need of help, I don’t like to chose just one character because I’m always going to be torn with these guys.

Lip and Ian Gallagher:


A little more realistic set of brothers in my mind, with one being a brother/cousin, gay but a sweetheart, nothing fits more in this society than these two. Lip’s egotistical, womanizing, appeal, sets him apart from the rest of the family because of his straight A’s, honor roll and the smarts that could set any woman on fire. Ian is the best friend that any girl would want but his mental break downs could possibly get in the way of a perfect relationship.


Sam and Dean Winchester:


In a world full of monsters, (even within yourself), you’re not going to want to call on the Ghostbusters, but on the gun toting, FBI wannabe’s themselves. Their quick thinking and great knowledge on exorcisms will get you out of a jam, but when it comes to themselves, nothing matters to them. They are ALWAYS protective with civilians first and foremost, but it is also time for them to be loved and cared upon. I personally would love to get training lessons with Dean on how to handle guns and fix the Impala; leaving the books and the rites to Sam. (While braiding his hair.)


Connor and Murphy MacManus:


Talk about random. These two will never agree on anything other than killing the wicked and saving the graceful. If you want the authentic Irish traditions, then these two are your ideal friends. Unfortunately things WILL happen (R.I.P. Rocco and Papa MacManus) but that doesn’t mean that you need to be afraid of anything. Whatever you do, always pay them with beer and maybe a few kisses. If you want to join in on the fun, but don’t want to get your hands dirty, you could always be the girl who gets them their cigarettes, drinks and snacks. But don’t forget to collect information that you can pass on to them. I’m on my way to tell them about the men who’ve done me wrong.



While their realistic or not, these brothers would be the coolest to hang out with. Easy to show them off, maybe scare a few people, while others would be jealous of you. Just remember to keep a suitcase full of clothes with you (especially panties), plenty of money for beer and whiskey and a huge first aide kit on hand.




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