I Want to Tell You

I decided to post this as a blog, so I may see how many views and likes I can get. I know, sounds so vain of me. But it is needed, because I would like to see where I need to step it up on my writing. I wrote this for a friend who was feeling down and I wanted to lift her spirits and succeeded. She adores Sebastian Stan and also has been able to meet him.

The original location of where I had posted my writing is here:



“I have to tell you something…..”


“I saw you the other night…you were with that man…the one with the blonde hair…trying to sweep you off your feet….”


“And I became depressed and desperate to get you out of my mind. So I took the first person home that showed any interest in me…”


“But I could never feel whole…..no matter how many times I tried to fill it…..”

“…with men…women…drugs..alcohol..you name it…I tried it…”


“and I became a monster….lost in nothing but shame and guilt….unable to look at myself in the mirror….”


“Completely hitting rock bottom before I realized that I needed to change myself…if I was to ever have hope that you’d want me again…..”


“So it was a slow progress to pull myself out of the shit hole I created….but I made it…..I couldn’t face you….and it felt wrong to follow you without you knowing that it was me…who kept you safe all of these nights…..desperately wanting to hold you…..”


“So I finally caved and sought out the one person I knew who always had faith in me..and all of his encouragement is why I am here standing in front of you today…right now….”


“and say the things that I’ve been needing to say… but most of all to tell you…that there’s nothing more in this world that I want..that I need…it’s you…”



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