How Short Girls Change Light Bulbs

My light in the kitchen, the one that’s in the corner above my stove went out. It’s been years and I have never changed it before. Mind you, I’ve been in this apartment for almost five years now. So I grabbed my stool and low and behold I couldn’t reach it. So what else was there to do? No one tall enough was available and I don’t trust my neighbors to be in my home. SO up I went and found out how really tall the ceilings are.

The black mark on the arch is what I marked for my height. 5’2. You can kind of see where the light is. Excuse the messy kitchen. Been cleaning all day!!!








I could have jumped down, but then that would have created a few problems;

Neighbors getting pissed off – even though they’re noisy too

Possibility of turning on the stove and burning myself – but that was a problem too when I sat down…..

Hitting the stool on the way down and breaking myself…..


But it’s done and it’s bright AF!!!! Its not so much in the pic, but omg, my eyes… at least I wont have problems while cooking or cleaning now 🙂



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