Food Stamps – EBT

        – Before you read this, note that this isn’t a personal attack on anyone –


As a poor person, who has made bad choices in food, I decided to do this because I wanted to prove things – things to the tax payers and to the people who live off of food stamps, whether they are using them correctly or not.


The receipt shows everything that I bought today. In yellow, every item is healthy food or spices. As you can see, a lot of it is expensive. In Oregon, we don’t have taxes on food. So of course it varies state to state. This will be targeted to everyone in Oregon. My total – $97.35 is highlighted in green. My total food stamps a month is $194.00. Now because I had a little over $80 left from last month that put me up to $280.00. This gives me $182.65 left over after shopping. What the hell can I do with the rest of that money? Sure, I could go to Walgreens or 7-11 and get junk food, but let’s say I go by the rules and save this for more groceries for the rest of the month.


Here’s ways that you can save it for when you’re in a jam;


Walmart AND Winco have cheap plastic storage containers, the following ones I got for $3.47 each. And I filled them with rice. Rice that’s healthy for you. Wild Rice by the bulk 4.07 lbs equals $17.66. Placed in the container and on the shelf. Done. Two boxes of Brown Rice, 28 lbs (unsure of the price since I got it a different month) stuffed full to the brim of the container, shelved, done. Lentils are only $1 at Winco. Bought a lot, even got some for free at the boxed food place next door to me. Stuffed in the container, shelved, and done.


I just made me soup two days ago, in the large spaghetti pot. I filled 5 storage containers. What I put in it; Lentils, spices, bell peppers, red cabbage, beets, peas, green beans, spinach, garlic, carrots and onions. Guess what? It’s still there, waiting for me to eat. You can even freeze it if you don’t think you can eat the soup every day.


So please, poor people need to stop saying that we cannot afford things. YOU CAN!! Learn how to do thing correctly. Stop buying all the process crap, stop being lazy and do this!! It will save you a ton of stress and even if you don’t feel like cooking, grab some carrots, broccoli and cauliflower – maybe an apple or an orange – and snack on it. Drink some water and take vitamins. YOU WILL MAKE IT!!!


And for the taxpayers…….


PLEASE stop torturing the people, like me, who are trying their hardest to stay healthy and keep their jobs so they may one day live like you. And don’t forget, A LOT of college students are stuck with Food Stamps. They are struggling to make their lives better and sometimes Food Stamps is the only way to help them survive.


ALSO before I forget….


DO NOT, I don’t care how comfortable it is, STOP WEARING PAJAMAS WHILE YOU’RE SHOPPING UNLESS YOU ARE PREGNANT!! It’s disgraceful and it makes taxpayers pin point who you are so they can judge you. It makes you look trashy and if you don’t want to be thought of as trashy, stop being lazy and put on some jeans. No, you don’t need to wear makeup ladies, but at least brush your hair and put on some jeans. If I can do it, so can you!!!


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