I am NOT a morning person

I’m not a morning person, I say as I am writing this and it is 2:00 a.m. What the flip is wrong with me?! Why am I not sleeping? Instead I am sitting here trying to figure out certain settings on this stupid blog I keep procrastinating on. Other people can pump out blog after blog every day – or once or twice a week. Me, I am lucky to even do one a month. It is 2:00 a.m. and I am sitting on my couch, contemplating on how many ways I can murder someone and get away with it.
Not only do I think about that, I fantasize what the next step is, to get my book series going again. When exactly am I going to get out of bed on Tuesday, to make it to the Doctor’s visit and if I am wanting to travel two to maybe three hours to see my boyfriend, or do I make him come to me, which would only take him thirty minutes less than it would me?
Random thoughts on a sleepless night is always a fun way to have things. No drugs, no coffee, nothing to keep me awake but the annoying voices in my head, demanding me to pay attention to them instead of going to sleep.
Like this: Hey, hey, remember that nightmare you had last month, wellllllllllll….. HERE IT IS AGAIN!!
UGH! Cramps again. Is it my period, or is it from all the bread I ate this month?!
Everyone hates you. You’re ugly and fat and no one cares about you. They only say they do because they’re trying to be polite to save face.
Dear Jesus, please help me. Love Me.
Cause this is Thriller, Thriller night…….
Is Sam and Dean Winchester ever going to make it to Heaven and why can’t we have real people like them?! Ooh, that would be awesome. YES! More awesome if Connor and Murphy were real as well. Then we can have all horrible people die and then go on cases all across America!!! Live in the bunker!! Get anti-posession tattoos. Listen to the twins say the family prayer!!!
Oh my God. I swear if those neighbors don’t shut the hell up I’m going to call the cops. Okay. I’ll give them a few more minutes and then I’ll call.
Eww. Remember that video on Doctor Pimple Popper you watched earlier. Like, how can you even watch that?! *sighs* Oh well. There will be a new one in the morning.
Markiplier and Jacksepticeye….hehehehe…
Damn Neighbors. Enough already! Stop screaming at each other and slamming doors.
Like a Virgin, hey! Touched for the very first time…
Kellin Quinn and his band are coming back to Portland in November. Hell yes!! Wait…will I even be able to go? Can I afford it? But even if I can, will I even go? No one wants to go with me, so maybe I shouldn’t.
And that is exactly what goes on every night when I first lay down in bed and goes on and on and on, until I either crash, or I get up and start my day all over again. It’s a never ending vicious cycle and I hope that in October, my doctor and their mental health practitioner can help me over come this. It has been a war since I was a little girl and it drives me insane.
Ten to one says that I, when I do eventually lay down to get some sleep, at least one of these I’ve listed, or all, or something else will pop into my head and will not stop.
No amount of Melatonin nor praying makes my brain cease to think of all these random things that generate ideas.
But on the plus side, I managed to take some of those thoughts, those dreams and put it towards my book series.


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