Sun Me I’m Cold


Today I told my brother about the times when our sister and I would jump into the water at the beach, screaming our heads off over how cold it was. That was twenty five years ago. My brother hadn’t been born yet, not even thought of. Those were the days of playing in mud, wearing dresses, playing with Matchbox cars as well as Barbies and chasing my sister around with worms and beetles. We never had to be afraid and had carefree minds. Parents of other children didn’t look down at us and there were less people going to the beaches.

Before my brother and I hit the waves, I managed to take this picture – later to find that I caught the sun rays. Although our sand isn’t as pretty as it would be if we were in the Bahamas, at least we still have access to the beaches. Growing up in the city, we take for granted the good things in life and it makes me wish we didn’t have to live in the city. Live the way we have been for generations. All cooped up inside small buildings, surviving on small pay checks and sometimes food stamps or hand outs.

So for that small moment, in the few hours of being there, it’s good to keep away from electronics and be thankful for what the Lord has given us.To remind ourselves to not take beautiful, peaceful sceneries like this for granted.

I have always been a nature girl even though I’ve been raised in a small town. Although I hate bugs. Ha. I wish that we could always afford to be able to go out to the beaches and into the hills. Until then, I’ll have to settle for the hour drive and then a few hours just to capture the prettiest moments.


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