Change of Heart

I don’t think I could imagine my world without my cousins. I never got to grow up with them as much as I would have like, but the times we had together – to try to imagine what life would have been like without them – it is heartbreaking, gut-wrenching and I couldn’t ever wish them to never be there.

The hate that I see on television and on the internet towards people upsets me. I am constantly reminded of how my cousins feel – how I would feel if I were in their shoes. I don’t assume how they feel and if they were to tell me – I would listen, not with sympathy but with empathy.

I didn’t grow up with my sister, being told that it’s okay to hate people. However, I was told that being around homosexuals was not okay.

But did I ever listen once I became an adult? No. Why? Because I believe that EVERYONE deserves to have a chance. Sometimes I gave people second chances and more than once I have given people more than second chances. Why? Because God said forgive all the time. It is the one thing my stepfather had grounded into my brain. That and the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” (Matt. 7:12)


We live, we learn, we change or we stay the same.

I chose to become a better person.

To love everyone as equally as possible.

To look beyond their skin colors, their choice in sexual relations.

Because that’s what it means to be Christ like.

You show me respect I’ll show you respect back. End of story.

And if you cannot do this for everyone you know and love and for those who surround you, then you are what’s wrong with this society. And I urge you to seek help.


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