Relationships and Yourself

When you love someone so much but you doubt the relationship, its time you reevaluate yourself as an individual before you can fix the relationship as a whole.

In a relationship, if there’s no communication, no trust….if there’s no consideration…no respect for yourself or others…then its a shitty relationship…with yourself and others.

This doesn’t mean that you have to run away. Trust me, the writer…I know. I’ve been there time and time again and I still do this from time to time. If you believe in God…or several Gods…take time out to breathe, think and pray. It’s better to do so than to jump to conclusions and destroy what you’ve been building up. Even if you don’t believe in a higher spiritual being, still, please, take the time out and think over everything before you jump all over the person. Take time out to listen to the other person first.

And even then, if they still refuse to apologize or stop what they are doing, then it is time for you to walk. Even if they blame you or tell you that you’ll never find someone better than them, call their bluff and walk away because you will ALWAYS find someone better!! You can feel like the whole world is against you, but if you can find one person to be for you, then you have all that you need. If you feel that you cannot find that one person, BE that person for yourself. It’s time to love yourself for who you are and what you do. If no one wants to accept you for who you are, than it is time to walk away and find people that will. Sometimes it will happen over night, sometimes it wont happen for days, weeks, months and yes some times even years. But please HANG ON!! Your time will come!!

In the words of the beloved Jared Padalecki, ALWAYS KEEP FIGHTING!!!


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