My Book Series

For the past fifteen months, I have been working on a book series. I am currently on first draft, book three. The genre is Fantasy/Romance/Drama/Action. It is about this girl who is emotionally wrecked, finding herself thrown into another dimension with Witches, Demons, Angels and a few otherworldly creatures.

So far I only have two readers, that I know of and patiently waiting for others to respond to me. I do not have it listed online, but was considering on doing so instead of publishing them into actual books. I have not made a final decision yet.

The name of the books will be withheld as well as the character names because I do not want people stealing my names and make it difficult for me to rename my characters. It takes time and research for me to do everything and have opinions on everything from a very dear friend of mine, who has been with me every step of the way.

I’m hoping to have everything finished before summer of 2017!!!


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