Meeting Milo

I have never met a “famous” person before and never thought that I ever would. I tried in 2015 with Norman Reedus, but for filming reasons, he had to cancel. I was bummed and then Chicago Con hit that fall and my new friend, Brooke, met one of my other favorite actors. One that I had liked LONG before I knew who Reedus was.

And because of her, I got to meet Milo Ventimiglia.

It was a adrenaline charged day and I was drained by the time I made it to my aunt and uncles, but it was the best time I had ever had because the short amount of time with Milo proved that he’s nothing more than a human being. A gentleman, a beautiful soul; a gifted person and like I always say, a very underrated actor. His kindness goes a long ways and you leave his table feeling like you can accomplish anything thrown your way.

I hope to meet him again….but until then, I’ll settle for the random likes on my tweets.


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