I’m Not Alone – Part 1

For me to finally get a professional to sit down with me and go over the criteria of Manic Depression and Bi-polar, feels great, even though she wasn't the appropriate person to get the information from. I feel like that this time around, reaching out for the last time was the best thing I have... Continue Reading →

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Kitten Love

My boyfriend and I got a kitten for free. We named him Murphy. The bad thing about this is, we don't know if the previous owners were taking care of him and the other cats. Murphy's sister, Sasha (my bff has her), wasn't given her shots, her ears weren't cleaned and she wasn't de-wormed. So... Continue Reading →

Taking Down Monuments

WARNING: Political Content below. I have a solution to the mess we are in. Stop naming public property after people; stop erecting statues or monuments dedicated to people, no matter how noble. We are not a Monarchy. ~ Erik Halstead My response to said above: In Biblical terms.... they're idols.... so I really don't give... Continue Reading →

If you stay….

I can't change overnight. I'm not heartless, I'm just a bitch when I need to be... especially when I feel like I need to defend myself. I do the best I can.... most times I do more than what's expected of me. I am my own worst enemy. So when someone points out what I... Continue Reading →

the Darkness Within Me

If the voices in my head have been there since the day that I was born, that means that I will never get rid of them. To cry out at the age of four, that I wanted to go home, but not with my human parents, then where did I really come from? Heaven sent... Continue Reading →

No More Crap

Don't EVER allow someone to bully you so much that you lose control of yourself. Especially if it's family members! The friends and family members that pushed me too far for the last time are no longer a part of my life. It is one thing to punch a door than to punch a person... Continue Reading →

Up for Reading…

Elyria's Guardians is finally set up. There's only one section that I have not addressed, but everyone can read what I have already up. It took a few hours to do, but I am happy with what is there. I'm hoping to return to this book series and complete the first draft. I'll be in... Continue Reading →


After seven months of struggling to find a job, having doctor appointments back to back, I finally landed a job!! I'll be working with the elderly who have dementia, but it is worth it because they need loving people caring for them in their last days. The pay is decent enough for me to be... Continue Reading →


Some of the new blog sites were giving me problems, so the Adoni's Paradigm was one of them. I brought back the Guardian's of Elyria, but switched the words around. You can now find it at Elyrian's Guardian's, cause I'm an idiot and forgot to take off the N. But that's okay. No one is... Continue Reading →

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