I’m Not Alone – Part 1

For me to finally get a professional to sit down with me and go over the criteria of Manic Depression and Bi-polar, feels great, even though she wasn't the appropriate person to get the information from. I feel like that this time around, reaching out for the last time was the best thing I have... Continue Reading →

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Conversations With Residents

Me: How was your day? Resident with Dementia: Not very good. Me: Really? You have all these pretty ladies coming in and out of your room every day helping you and you aren't happy? Resident with Dementia: No cause I'm married. Me: Well she is pretty too! Resident with Dementia: Thank you! Me: You're welcome... Continue Reading →

A Video Tomorrow…..

TOMORROW........ I am making a video that is very important for me to talk about and I would like people to watch it and share it with everyone. It's going to be about healthcare for women and I believe that men should even watch this, so that they know what women go through - including... Continue Reading →

Mustaches….. who wears it better?!

I know... another random post.... but we can't always be serious.... I personally think Milo and Jude pull it off better!!!   Sean Patrick Flanery Milo Ventimiglia Tom Hardy Sebastian Stan Nicholas Hoult Jude Law Richard Speight Jr Johnny Depp Robert Downey Jr Paul Rudd

Cleaning Up A Computer Problem

I didn't listen to my instincts.... so here is what I wrote down to remind myself in case I forget.... or for anyone who needs help. ALWAYS do this before freaking out!! ALWAYS HAVE YOUR PASSWORDS REMEMBERED! Even if you have to write them down and hide them somewhere. Just don't forget where you hid... Continue Reading →

Freak Show!

Back in 2016, I made a post on tumblr (unfortunately I cannot log into my account anymore) and then I linked it to a post on here. I'm not certain of what I put in the post, or if I had posted the same with the gifs, but I'll post it now.... Show me the... Continue Reading →

Differences: Now and Then

I did this cause I was super bored the other night. But I was also curious to know how much I've changed in the last 12.5 years. Some of them are still the same as it was when I was a kid. (I was not going to take the time to hashtag everything, so I... Continue Reading →

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