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I’m Not Alone – Part 1

For me to finally get a professional to sit down with me and go over the criteria of Manic Depression and Bi-polar, feels great, even though she wasn't the appropriate person to get the information from. I feel like that... Continue Reading →

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Minutes to Sunrise

OMG. I know people may be irritated with me going back and fourth with different writing blogs other than this main one... who knows what people have been thinking. But I finally FINALLY got the best blog set up!! I... Continue Reading →

What if……..?

What if the Mad Max world is the ending result to our world after the machines have taken over, wiped most of us out and then the Resistance defeats the machines?! I might have an over reactive imagination, but think... Continue Reading →

Who would you rather………? British Edition

Out of these men..... (let's pretend the married ones are single) who would you rather have....? (questions are below the photos) Tom Hiddleson - Benedict Cumberbatch Eddie Redmayne - Matt Smith Dan Stevens - Charlie Cox Nicholas Hoult - James... Continue Reading →

I Bring Me….

I've decided to make a blog about myself so people know who they are talking to. I do have an Author page, but that's just a small introduction. My full name isn't of importance to those who don't personally know... Continue Reading →

Castiel’s Badassery

What the hell happened to Castiel? Why on the earth did the creators think that it was okay to make him a little bitch? I want the ass kicking, never back down, Castiel back!! I get that he can get... Continue Reading →

Next Month…..

Next month will mark the one year anniversary of this blog. I am trying to figure out ways to get people involved, get people to respond more often. I'm only receiving likes of up 10 and that's very rare if... Continue Reading →


We may not have been friends after quite some time, but there was NEVER a day that I didn't stop thinking of her. She was a beautiful person, a wild child and never backed down from standing up for herself... Continue Reading →

What Feminism Means to Me

Protecting ALL children from ALL forms of abuse. Making sure that boys aren't taught that they must keep it a secret if they are sexually abused by ANYONE. To teach them that it's alright to cry, but still get up... Continue Reading →

What the flip is up with Manners?!

Elderly people are furious with the younger generation for "not using our manners," yet I am finding more and more people in their 40's, 50's and 60's being assholes and not using their manners. I, for one, have been taught... Continue Reading →

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